9-5 & Training

Working and training can be hard to manage. Yes the weekend can make up for lost time, but really we need to be following the plan day in, day out. Here I name the things I have learnt about the 9-5 lifestyle.

The Weather & Training

The weather can provide the perfect excuse to have another ‘rest day’ when really we need is to find another way to get things done. Here I write some easy solutions to snow, rain and sunshine.

Routine Mon-Fri

Hear you can read my Monday – Friday routine which helps me accomplish the following goals:

  1. IronMan70.3 training
  2. Read 6 books per week
  3. Meditate regularly
  4. Work 9-5.

CYCLE TRAINING? What is that?

Often it is easy to see the cycle machines as nothing more than a warm up, but what if you could make the bike your training equipment to increase your endurance, build strength and power?

Runner To Triathlete

Running is amazing but it gave me ‘runners knee’. After two marathons I evaluated things and decided to change to triathlons. One IRONMAN 70.3 and many Standard Triathlons later I am still in love with this sport.

Unexpected life changes

Training changes your life in so many amazing ways. But it also add some changes to your ordinary tasks/ activities.