Moonlight Trail Run

Location: ★★★☆☆
Organisation: ★★★★★
Cost: ££
Course: ★★★☆☆
Medal/extras: ★★★★☆
Morale: ★★★★★

A windy, muddy in places, good old trail run.

The race was held at Brook Farm, Herny Bay in Kent, with glorious farm lands to be seen far and wide, oh and the A299. During the evening phase head torches bordered the steady stream of car lights, making for a rather beautiful illumination. Regardless, two stars lost of the noise and air pollution.

Organisation: ★★★★★
As with all ‘Saxons, Vikings & Normans’ events I have ran the event was well organised with volunteers, and an aid stations offering water, treats and even vegan snacks. The loops were easy to follow with signs and volunteers marking turn points. The brief at the start along with the website information made the event easy to understand.

Cost: ££
This event cost £40 which in my opinion a great price for this event. You really do get your moneys worth!

Course: ★★★☆☆
I personally love ‘laps’ so this course was perfect in my eyes. The laps were a ‘P’ shape, starting a little boggy/ muddy, but then becoming a tarmac dominant course. The race was rather flat with some short hills. Two stars lost due to the boggy loop beginning which became a little tricky at night.

Medal/extras: ★★★★☆
The race medal is amazing quality!
Perks included:
1. Aid Stations
2. Good quality bib
3. Toilets (two bathrooms)
4. Free parking
5. Super goodie bag of chocolate and snacks

The only reason I did not give the final star was because there were no photographers for this race.

Morale: ★★★★★
All the volunteers were friendly and supportive, they were amazing at using your name, making the experience feel that little bit more personal. It was a long day for the volunteers/ organisers (8+ hours) but they never failed to share a smile and encouraging word! The atmosphere from the other runners was really special, we really were all motivating one another along and having fun!

Thank you Saxons, Vikings & Normans for this event! As always check out to book this event next year!

Watch my YouTube video below:

Comment any blog or race suggestions
– Aimee

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