Neujahrsmarathon Zürich

Location: ★★★☆☆
Organisation: ★★★★★
Cost: £££
Course: ★★★☆☆
Medal/extras: ★★★★★
Morale: ★★★★★

What a way to bring in the New Year. A 13.1 mile midnight race just outside of Zürich, Switzerland.

Location: ★★★☆☆
The race took place just outside of Zürich, Switzerland in the town of Schlieren. The base was in a sports centre, and the route took you along the river Limmat. Schlieren was a fine location, a short 20 minutes Uber from Zürich Old Town where I was staying (images of which are below).

Organisation: ★★★★★
The event was very well organised, with lots of volunteers. Booking online was fairly simple (once I had worked out how to translate it to English), race bib collection was easy and the sports hall was laid out superbly to make the pre-race experience care free. During the race the course was signposted/ marked out by either tape, fire poles and marshals.

Cost: £££
The entry fee was a little expensive (approx £60). Additionally photographs were £10per image, or £25 for a bundle. However I personally think it was worth it.

Course: ★★★☆☆
10% Tarmac and 90% Natural surface. This course led you along the river Limmat, with a stoney path to follow. It was a looped event making the 13.1 mile distance two laps. I really likes that the race looped, you could see headlamps all around the river making for a magical view. Also the aid stations were every 3 miles and had a large selection of for and drinks (including hot water which was a first for me).

Medal/extras: ★★★★★
The Medal (which you had to pay extra for when registering) is very sweet, good quality metal although a little small.

Other perks included:
1. High quality race bib with timing chip
2. high quality and number of photographers
3. Showering Facilites
4. DJ at venue
5. Race bag with goodies including food (yum)
6. Hot food and drinks in race base
7. Fireworks (hundreds)

Moral: ★★★★★
The race was packed with enthusiastic runners, from all over the globe! The spirit was high and this was helped by the awesome presenters/ DJs. All the volunteers and runners were in a great mood wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

A huge thank you to Neujahrsmarathon Zürich for organising an excellent way to start the new year! If you want to complete this race in 2021 visit: or

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