What Are You Waiting For?

It’s not next week, this summer or someday. It is right now. Running is an easy sport to start, because all you need is a little bit of time and some running shoes.

What are you waiting for?
The weather to be nice? To find a friend to run with? A good place to run? To be a little fitter? Less busy? Less tired?

The weather
If you find it is the weather stopping you from training, and you are just waiting for it to be a little hotter, colder, breezy or less windy then I am going to be straight with you, you will never run. It isn’t going to be perfect running weather ever. Wanting a little bit of advice on this? Read The Weather and Training and to help change your mind set listen to the king himself, David Goggins;

Running partner
Having someone to run with is very special. They can push you to run faster, further and more frequently. But sometimes we can use the lack of a running buddy as a great excuse, “I was going to go for a run but X wasn’t free”. The awesome thing about running is that you can do it alone, stick in some head phones and after the first few minutes you will not feel lonely, you will feel awesome! If you are wanting a running community then Park runs are for you. You can walk, jog, run or sprint a parkrun, it is a 5k in your local area with amazing people! Additionally, Instagram can provide a great community; share on your story with #running, or tag your post with #runner and feel the love flow in with likes and comments. Moreover, you will likely find a pat on the back from friends and family when they see you. Finally, if you do not feel safe running alone then I suggest two solutions
1. Run at the gym or
2. Saturday PARK RUN!

You can run your streets, in the gym, a local park, or make a day of it and travel somewhere new to explore. The superb thing about running is that you really can do it anywhere!

The funniest reason I hear why people do not run is because they are not ‘fit’ enough, or they say “once I loose a bit of weight then I will run”. I find this so baffling because some of the benefits of running is to get fitter and loose weight. If you think you are not ‘in shape’ then that should be your excuse to start, not delay. When ever you start something new you will find it hard, it will not come naturally and it will not be pretty. This fact includes running, once you accept this and move beyond your running anxiety you can get out there and get going.

Too Busy
There are 24 hours in the day, if you can not find 30 minutes to run then maybe you should look at how you are spending your day. There is always time to run, you don’t ‘find it’ you ‘make it’. Suggestions to make time:
1. Get up earlier
2. Go to bed a little later
3. Take away some T.V time
4. Run during your lunch break

Too tired
If you are too tired to run you might want to look at your calorie intake, are you eating enough to fuel a run? If you are tired from life then running might be your medicine. A run, even just for 30 minutes, has an energy-boosting effect, giving you a natural high and improves your sleep. What are you waiting for?

Final note; If you want to run, become a runner or just start running a little bit, you and your mind are the only things in your way. This knowledge is so empowering, the opportunity to change your health, fitness, wellbeing and life is in your hands!

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