Runner To Triathlete

My Journey | Why? | Pros & Cons Of Change | My Suggestion To You

Petersfield, UK

My Journey from a stationary student to a triathlete in training has taken a fair bit of time, with a few injuries along the way. But I am so thankful I started when I did and I look forward to the future. Read through my timeline below, and see where on it you think you are.


Running is my first love and I am still madly in love with it. But I found that when I was training for races, I would get injured easily. This was partly due to not doing any other form of training besides running. Triathlons have forced me to work on different disciplines. I can hit a hard cycle session and do a big swim the next day without worrying, and I enjoy the challenges each part provides. So why change? for me it was about adding more to my plate whilst minimizing injury 

Post a three mile swim, UK

Pros & Cons Of Change

✓ Tri’s are impactful than just running
✓ Tri’s have more cross training
✓ Tri’s and Running have amazing communities (that’s you guys)
✓ Tris and running have lots of events
✓ Tri training has a lot of variation
✓ Tri training is time-consuming (I like this so this goes in my pros list)

✗ In tri-training you’ll learn new disciplines which can be challenging
✗ Tri’s requires you to buy equipment e.g. a bike & swim goggles
✗ Tri training is time-consuming (if you do not have a lot of time this could be a con)

Queen Elizabeth Country Park, UK

My Suggestion To You

I am not advising that you ditch running and pick up tri’s instead, but I am advocating that you add more to your training plan then just running alone. I personally think cycling and swimming compliment running a lot, especially endurance running. So my suggestion is this, why not add a spin class and swim session to your weekly plan? 

Thank you for reading. As always feel free to DM me on Instagram @aimeesennett for more information.

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