CYCLE TRAINING, what is that?

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Often it is easy to see the cycle machines as nothing more than a warm up, but what if you could make the bike your training equipment to increase endurance, build strength and power? Why not read this post and utilize the three training plans I have written up.

People watching in the gym is always fascinating, you have the picture perfect girls usually sporting a ‘gym shark’ two piece (the outfits do look great), the weight lads/ ladies pumping iron, the middle aged cardio kings/ queens and the people who spend more time on their phone than ‘working out’. I usually take no notice of who is around me but yesterday, during the active rest periods of my cycle training I enjoyed scanning the room and those who occupied it. 

The cycle machines are where my attention was drawn back to, maybe because it was directly in front of me, or possibly due to the high turnover. People typically spent 15-20 minutes pedalling away and then would move on to something new. The bike is a great piece to warm up on, but these people didn’t seem to be using it for that purpose. It appeared instead that they were bored, or lost on what to really do on the bike. Some pedalling full speed for the duration of their short time on the bike, other pedalling slow whilst scrolling fast on their phones. 

So If you find the bike is boring or are unsure of how to ‘train’ using it then worry no more. Below are three cycling plans I use. They are powerful and effective cycle session leaving you dripping with sweat and wishing you had a bigger water bottle. Aimed at beginners these cycle session might seem ‘long’ at first, but once you get started and have a good soundtrack motivating you, it will be over in no time.

Warm up and cool down are always the same;

Now pick one of these three ‘main sets’
(complete between the warm up and cool down)



3. You could do a 20 minute, moderate resistance and pace cycle as your ‘main set’.

Spin classes are also great to give you a sense of what you can achieve on this amazing piece of equipment. 

As always direct message me on instagram if you have any questions, concerns or would like more insight @aimeesennett

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