Hike the UK (The roaches)

On Sunday 20th January I made the eight-hour round trip drive to The Roaches in the Peak District, where I hiked with some awesome people.

Plan: The hike details | Why you should hike in the UK more

The Roaches, UK

The Hike Details:

If you park at ‘The Roaches UKC Parking’ you will find a gate which leads to a popular path to make your way up. The path is clear to see at first but you also have to navigate your own way with a bit of common sense (the aim is to go upwards after all). The start is a little steep, but once you get up the first climb, it is a steady walk to the top with incredible views. A white-painted cairn will let you know when you’ve made it to the top, but mind, it’s very windy up there. The best park of this hike is that it is really short, you could run up and down the thing in no time, or take it slow and enjoy an afternoon here. Dogs and children could do this walk, but unfortunately the path would not be suitable for buggies or wheelchairs.

Making our way down ‘The Roaches’, UK.

Why you should hike the UK more

The United Kingdom offers some superb hikes, and the peak district is one of my favorite areas to explore. We do not have elevation gains like other countries but the glorious rolling green hills make the climbs so pleasing to the eye. Hiking in the UK is cheap and so incredibly accessable. The fresh air and exercise helps unwind the mind and relax the body after the working/ training week. Take a look on google maps for your closest area to explore. You might just be surorised by the hills and country side that suround you.

I plan to hit more UK peaks this winter. If you want to join me/ or invite me to your walks please DM @aimeesennett on instagram. More walking reviews are to follow and soon you will have lots of places to explore!

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