The Weather & Training

Snow, sun or showers, the weather can really play with your training plans , and can offer the perfect excuse for another ‘rest day’.

*If you haven’t booked you 2019 event yet, what are you waiting for?*

Plan: Snow & Running| Rain & Running | Sun & running | Snow, rain & cycling | Sun & cycling | Snow, showers & swimming | Sun & swimming

Montreal, Canada

There is a soft blanket of snow at my door step this morning, the air is cold and my fingers are wrapped around the ‘am’ coffee cup. I have about 40 minutes until a day of training commences; 5k easy run, yoga, then a mile swim. But when I look outside the window I can’t wait to get out there. Yes it is cold, I could slip and for the first 5 minutes I will be freezing, but it is fun, something different, and you can’t help but feel proud of the run (even if it wasn’t much different than usual).

Snow & Running
There are so many ways to still run when snow is falling.
1. Walk to a local gym and use the treadmill
2. Find a flat open grass area and run up and down
3. Find a popular sidewalk which is well gritted with a gritted road by it (even if its only 0.5 of a mile long, do lots of ‘there and backs’).
4. Find a local indoor athletic center and see if you can use their track.

Montreal, Canada

Rain & Running
Rain shouldn’t really be an excuse to not run, come on just grab your waterproof jacket and accept the soggy feet!
1. Wrap up and get on with it
2. Find a local gym to use the treadmill
3. Find an indoor athletic center to train in.

Rainy Bristol, UK

Sun & Running
The sun is out so it’s the perfect time to run!
1. Grab your shoes, water bottle and your sunscreen!

Sunshine & Smiles at Lake Como, Italy

Snow, Rain & Cycling
1. Walk to the local gym and use a spin bike
2. Buy a turbo trainer and turn your bike into an indoor spin bike, here is a link:
3. Find a local velodrome

Port Hope, Canada

Sun & Cycling
Grab your helmet and get some serious mileage. Nothing beats a day of hitting the road on a lovely cycle session. Especially when you add friends and a nice pub stop on route.
1.Grab your gear and get going. Please remember the sun screen!

Port Hope, Canada

Snow, showers & Swimming
1. Find an indoor local pool
2. Sign up for a Wim Hoff retreat and learn to swim in freezing water

Open water. Jasper, Canada

Sun & Swimming
1. Find a local area to go ‘wild swimming’ there are some awesome websites out there so just type ‘wild swimming near me’.
2. Find an ‘open water swimming’ location. You pay for these but the open water is monitored and there are some awesome people also training there.
3. Or find a local pool.

Jasper, Canada

It can be easy to put off training when the weather isn’t glorious but it is important to leave those excuses to one side and continue to strive even on gloomier days. If you are worried for your health and safety then find a gym to train in, it’s not perfect but it is better than nothing.

Happy training everyone,

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