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5k, 10k, Half Marathon, marathon.

Quick overview:
1. Find a race for 8 or 16 weeks time (depending on current running level)
2. Book it
3. Get a training plan
4. Get the right gear
5. Train then succeed!

PLAN: Race info | the five points above | why you should do it |useful links

Up we go. Bristol, UK

The Half Marathon
A 13.1 miles / 21k road race, which is wildly popular and definitely achievable. In the UK alone there are 64 half marathons you could sign up for in February 2019 (via so the only things stopping you is you!

Follow me, I know the way. Bristol, UK

What does it take?
If you can run a 5k, you could book an event for 8 weeks time. If you have never really run before, then you should aim for around 16 weeks. The great thing is that training for an event has never been easier, with so many plans online to follow. But you should expect to run at least 3 days a week to begin with, and then four closer to the day. Now this sound terrifying right? If you haven’t ever run before, 3 days a week is huge. However, it is important to remeber that to begin with you will only be running for short periods of time, to stretch the legs and get used to it all. Come the longer and more demanding runs, you will be welcoming these challenges.

Lightning speed. New York City, USA.

A training plan
As I said there are many training plans online. I found the website (aka very useful when planning out my marathons. They start off super easy, almost too easy and build up gradually. It is also rather flexible so you can move training around. ALSO it predicts your finishing time based on your training runs! If that isn’t for you, look on google and find the plan that works.

Finding new trails. Ontario, CANADA.

When I started running I skipped the half marathon event and booked the full instead, crazy I know. But the first 6 months of running I ran in £5 hockey shoes. I mean flat, no absorbance, terribly tight and shockingly weak shoes, but it is all I had. Thankfully at Christmas my dad took me to a running shop, my feet and running style were assessed, and I had the choice between two pairs of very nice shoes. I chose my shoes based on the colours, silly I know, and I spent the next year wishing I had picked the other one. Why? well I went home and googled both; one ranked 2nd for road racing, the other 63rd. Obviously the one I choose was the latter.

1. To begin with wear what you can
2. Go to a proper shop and have your shoes fitted
3. Google the shoes they offer and then pick

No excuses. Montreal, CANADA.

Other clothing
Short, running tights, tracksuits bottoms? Do you and wear what ever feels most comfortable. I train in running tights or booty shorts depending on the weather. The first time I went for a run in shorts I was terribly self-conscious. What if my legs wobble too much? Are these too short? too tight? but after a while I though ‘fuck it, I am running for me and I really do not care what other people might think’. Truth be told, no one even noticed, and it was all in my mind. Any socks are fine but if you find you have tight calfs or sore shins see a medical professional and consider some compression socks. They helped me alot! Hot day? up top a sports bra might just do, light Tee or vest. Cold day? a windbreaker and/or running fleece. You will soon find out if you are an over heater, or an ice-cold runner. For me even at -24°C outside, I’ll still be too warm.

A runderful day, Bristol, UK.

Why you should do it?
– Running has an antidepressant effect, elevating your mood and releases ‘happy’ hormones
– A half marathon is an awesome achievement
– You get a medal
– One day you will no longer be able to do these kinds of things, do them whilst you can!

2016 Marathon, my first race. Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Feel free to message me on instagram @aimeesennett if you need any more adivse or tips. Till then, happy booking!

Finding a race

Find a plan

Scientific papers (health benifits):

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