9-5 & Training

Okay, I have just survived my first week of working 9-5. Prior to this week I lived at work, seriously, my home was on site and ‘time off’ was sporadic. Thus the concept of 9-5 was exciting, all this free time to my self, all this free time to train. Well, truth be told, the 9-5 business is a little different from what I imagined, but it is still early days.

Up and go. Chasing the sunrise through the forest.

Main Points:
1. Plan a training session for the morning and the evening. If you sleep in, just add the morning session to your evening plan.
2. Booking a class can really help you get started (before or after work).
3. Plan your workouts.

Training before work.
It takes dedication and pre-planning to get it right. I get up and out each morning at 6am. Now I don’t have to leave the house for work until around 8am which really helps. I missed training on friday morning (I was desperate for a lie-in) but I just added that session to the evening. That is the thing I liked about morning training, if I miss it I can just add it to the evening plan. One big downfall of training in the morning is how dark it is. You can’t cycle because that would be dangerous, running is alright but really it is pool time or the gym. Being flexible with your plan can help you maximise training time.

Watching the sunset, on the cycle lanes.

Training after work.
I get home and am more ready to sleep than train. The turn around to get home, eat, and get out again takes far longer than anticipated. But a big lunch and snack for the journey home helped. Also laying out my clothes and preplanning session shaves 1.5hours off the time it takes me to get in the door from work, to out into the gym.

Now sometimes it is just about getting started, classes/ group sessions are really great for this. Nothing motivates you to get out the front door like a deadline. Arriving to a group class on time can be that deadline, and can be a great way to ‘warm up’ before hitting it hard in the gym.

Stretching and relaxing after the long day.

One week of 9-5 isn’t long enough to really know all the ‘tricks’ so I will definatly keep you all posted on this one. Most of the points here are incredibly obvious, like when else are you meant to train other than before and after work, duh! But, sometimes it is important to read what you already know you should be doing. So my question to you is what is stopping you? Need to get those morning session in? or can’t find the motivation after work? DM me on instagram @aimeesennett for more info.

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