Best Peaks near Banff

Hiking the Canadian Rockies was incredible for many reasons, but the main reason being because of the mountain I decided to climb. Here are some must do summer hikes near Banff, Canada.

2998m elevation and the highest peak in Banff

The view at the top

The Journey overview:

Free parking part way up (YAY FREE)
The view from the top (Obviously)
The forest walk is beautiful

Long and demaning hike
Going up the path is not very clear and the rocks are loose and dangerous. If you find yourself ‘lost’ try to look down the mountain for the path as it is easier to spot lower down.

2948m elevation and the ‘hardest hike’ in Banff

Mount Rundle in the background

The Journey Overview

You can walk to the start of the trail if you are staying in Banff
The view (Obviously)
The scrable on the way down (with good shoes you ‘glide’ down)

This is a challanging Hike! Steep and long
Before completing ‘the dragons back’ ask yourself if you think you can make the journey back. It is one thing climbing up a narrow slippy ridge, It is another coming down!

2606m elevation and my personal favorate 

The journey overview:

Free parking at bottom of mountain close to the start of the trail head around a 15 minute drive from Banff
The ridge ! It is amazing !!
The Helipad is a great picnic/ photo stop (I did this hike a few times, one evening I went to watch the sunset, it was magical)

THE RIDGE IS VERY THIN AND HAS 8550FT SHEER DROP EACH SIDE. People have died on this ridge, it is safest to travel across on all fours. You put your self at risk walking the ridge.

Lady Mac Ridge

2407m elevation and a great peak to watch the sunrise from.

Watching the sunrise over Banff and Canmore

The Journey overview:

Awesome to watch the sunrise from the top (go in a group)
Free parking at base around 35 minute drive from Banff

The road to the peak is very slow and with lots of stones so take a big car or one you do not mind getting dirty and possiby scratched.
If going to watch the sunrise, travel in a group to protect against bears.

2440m elevation with the best journey down!

The way down Yamnuska

The Journey overview:

The scamble down is insane (in a good way)
Chain handles to help you along difficult parts
Amazing views throughout
Free parking at base (Drive 40 minutes from Banff)

Again people have died on this mountain so please be aware of your foot placing and keeping to the trails.
This route is a circle so be careful during the journey down as you have not encountered the route on the way up.

*I hiked this mountain anti clockwise and was so glad I went that way around!

The view at the top

So there are some awesome hikes you should check out,

P.S The App ‘AllTrails’ is great to help you find the route, where to park and much more. Also check in with Banff information center to learn ehich trails are open before attempting them

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