Eight Tip to start running (reviewed 2020)

Running is a sport I have fallen madly in love with, but it hasn’t always been that way. It is time to find your trainers because here I have eight simple tips to get you out the front door and into the world of running…

Either you run the day, or the day runs you
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1.Download a good soundtrack 
Music can motivate your miles and get you in the mood to exercise. Organize your soundtrack before you run, anything that energizes you and has a fun beat to it will work. 

Personally, I like to run to an audiobook or nothing at all, but when I first started music was a must. Moreover, when I was running the Rome Marathon it was ‘The Middle’ by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey that got me through ‘the wall’. 

2. Fuel the run
Eating two hours prior to running makes the run easier mentally, as you know you have the fuel to complete the distance, and you are not running on empty. 

I like to leave two hours between meals and running as I have found any shorter resulted in a stitch.

3. Download a running app
Using an app to record your runs makes it easier to measure progress, recall when you last ran, and accurately depict distance & speed. Apps such as ‘Couch to 5k (C25K) also are really helpful when starting.

I have used many apps. Currently, I record on a Suunto watch that links to Movescount and Strava. My fav app is Strava because it’s easy to use, free, beautifully designed and has many users. 

Run for a good cause, yourself. 
Instagram: @aimeesennett


4. Run distance, not time 
Races and events run on distance. It is a 5K, 10K, half marathon race, not 25 minutes, 60 minutes or any other length of time race (typically). So let’s train that way. 

When I started running I used to do a 2-mile loop around my local area. It was great to see how much faster I could run it in after a few attempts, but also I learnt the effects of sleep and fuel on my performance.

5. Start as slow as you can, then go slower 
It is so tempting to start a run full blast, but this is not a sprint! When you set off too quickly you will get out of breath faster and then have to battle your mind. My advice is to start slow, if you have energy near the end then speed up. With time and consistency, the speed will come. 

I had to slow myself down during the start of a run. Before I knew it I would be racing off into the distance, then would have to slow down to catch my breath. 

A short run is better than no run at all.
Instagram: @aimeesennett


6. Enjoy the feeling 
After a run (regardless of how horribly it went) you should feel amazing. Even if you just ran up and down the street, it is a lot further than not running at all. Take baby steps when you start running and feel joyous when you succeed! 

I used to be really hard on myself, knowing I had walked parts of my run and run a short distance, it was easy to put a negative spin on things. But, with a little change in attitude, I began celebrating my runs. 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I was proud! 

7. Stretch and refuel
Your muscles are now lovely and warm, stretch them out and give them the care they need. Next, you need to refuel. If it has only been a small jog than grab some water, but if the run was long in distance or time, you are going to want to eat something to give you some energy back. 

A big glass of water and a banana (or two) is how I roll.

Slow progress is better than no progress.
Instagram: @aimeesennett

If you are serious about getting into running …

8.Book an event, currently there are lots of Online races to take part in
Booking an event will force you to be consistent and get those miles in. You can find a race online (findarace.com have launched an virtual race to help us through Covid-19) and there are so many benefits of races. It is a fun way to make a community of friends, you could get a medal for running (wooo), and the vibe is amazing! Everyone just loves to run and see others succeed, and there is no pressure to perform or make a set time. Everyone is racing themselves.

I didn’t start taking running seriously until I booked my first marathon. Before then I ran inconsistently and found it hard to find a reason to get out and run. Most of my runs were without a purpose. Once I booked my event, I had to train. My Asics was a website I used to get a free plan. Only then did I slowly start to become a ‘runner’. 

Okay there it is, what are you waiting for? 

Want some more advice? contact me.
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*If running outside ideally run with friends (social distance whilst doing so) or let people know where you are going and when to expect you back. Take a Mobile phone in case you need help*

7 thoughts on “Eight Tip to start running (reviewed 2020)

  1. I’ve always wanted to get into running, but just haven’t figured out how to start! These 8 tips have inspired me to get up of the couch and get going!! Thanks so much!


  2. Sometimes when I run I’m get upset with myself because I only run very slowly, but by reading this blog I realized that running for distant is the most important!


  3. I signed up for a half ironman a little while ago, and see that you have as well! We should get in touch and talk about our running journey together!


  4. I find myself losing motivation at times however I love to run and would love to be a more active person. I’m gonna try and start applying these tips into my routine! Thanks ! xx


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